Saskatoon Food Truck Association inc. is a non-profit, volunteer-run association representing Saskatoon’s food trucks, trailers and carts. Our goal is to promote street food in Saskatoon and to promote our individual businesses.

If you meet the membership criteria and wish to join the Association you will be asked to abide by the Membership Requirements and take an active role in the Association.


The general mandate of SFTA is to sell the Brand of Saskatoon Food Truck Association inc.

  • The goal of SFTA is to become a recognizable identity across Saskatoon and Greater Saskatchewan.
  • Members benefit by being part of this group that represents a level of quality, ethics and community.
  • Stay informed on the development of Street Food specifically in Saskatoon (and also across Saskatchewan).
  • Marketing and PR
  • This includes a website with links to individual businesses,an automated booking engine and interactive calendar, a contact point for public, organizations and companies; development of social media.
  • Resource Sharing/Cost Savings
  • As the association grows and develops it will be a goal to pass on savings and information to the group; questions and support can be sent out and responded to
  • Eventually this could include discounts on Credit Card Rates, Business, and Health Insurance packages etc, Fuel Discounts, etc
  • Advocacy
  • The Association will be a voice for all the members, representing their best interests and making sure that through communication the ongoing success of the Street Food Program is ensured
  • Dedication and Volunteer Time of Board Members
  • Business Expertise and Shared Knowledge
  • Events
  • Association planned events with the possibility for all membership participation; this will ideally raise funds for the association as well as provide financially significant selling opportunities;
  • Particularly true over the winter months as the association looks to find alternate ‘indoor’ areas to vend at


  1. All members are expected to be active in their Association. It is the mandate and mission of the SFTA to:
  2. “To encourage the promotion and increased cultural and community exposure of Street Food in Saskatoon. To serve the members and public by providing a collective resource, uniting in a common voice, and by maintaining the utmost in quality and integrity for the food and people we serve.”
  3. Wherever possible, members are expected to attend (quarterly) regular and extra-ordinary meetings as set by the Board of Directors.
  4. Actively participate in committees and events as set by the SFTA. Inform the Board (and members) of issues important and relevant to the Association.
    1. Active participation in Association committees is required to gain and maintain membership in the Association.
  5. Pay annual membership dues as determined on a yearly basis.
  6. Inform the Secretary (or alternately, a member of the Board) of your Proxy by written notification.
  7. Agree to pay a maximum of 10% of gross sales to participate in new events. Members may pay a greater percentage of sales to participate in existing events that have a history of charging a higher rate. Charity events do not apply to this rule.
  8. Follow and abide by all health and safety codes.
  9. Be good “ambassadors” to the general public and tourists
  10. Send media inquiries to the board where media is seeking the opinion of SFTA as a representative voice of its members