Alpha Dog Waffles was born from a need to make great food. The chef, Michael, loves food and wants to share those moments of discovery we all have when we find food that is just right. With that in mind, he sets out to make waffles in a way that you may not have experienced before but once you have tried it you can’t imagine it any other way. For breakfast, lunch or as part of a special occasion, Alpha Dog will be there making your waffle dreams come true.

Come, let’s go on an adventure together…

The Waffle Benedict :

Belgian waffle stuffed with bacon, topped with smoked paprika scrambled eggs, green onion, with house made hollandaise for dipping.

The Wedding Waffle:

The marriage of alder smoked bacon and sour cherries with cream cheese to bring them together for all time .

Chicken and Waffles:

Classic Belgian waffle with buttermilk fried chicken with Sriracha maple syrup and green onion.

Dessert Waffle:

Liege waffle topped with honeyed toasted coconut and drizzled chocolate sauce.

Falafel Waffle:

This gluten free waffle is made out of falafel topped with sauted mushrooms and pea shoots finished with lemon tahini sauce.

The Alpha Dog Waffle :

This Hot dog stuffed waffle filled with a spicy Mac and cheese finished with dijon mustard and ketchup.


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