Put the South in Yo’ Mouth!

Rebel Melt Food Truck serves up hillbilly-inspired grilled sandwiches (aka ‘sammiches’ or ‘melts’) and other tasty bites.

Family owned & operated by Marla, Jeff & Stevie, Rebel Melt’s flavours are inspired by the Southern dishes of our American family who hail from Kentucky, Ohio, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama & California, to name a few. Throw in a dash of Saskatchewan & a dollop of Canada and you get Rebel Melt Food Truck – Americana meets Canadiana, grilled-cheese style!!

Stop by and try our signature sammich, the Rebel melt – fresh sourdough bread grilled to golden perfection and loaded up with cherry wood smoked bacon, gooey smoked Gouda & our own Sweet n’ Spicy Bacon Jam – 2015 Food Truck Wars Winner for Best Entrée! Whichever Melt is your fave, be sure to pair it with an order of our Savoury Sage Fries, made with fresh, local sage, and one of our refreshing, house-made beverages, like our Canuck Sweet Tea or Porch-Swing Lemonade.

Our menu varies from day to day, so watch for special melts & other treats like Chicken-Fried Steak Fingers, Summer Peach Cobbler, and the debut of several new items, including a decadent dessert melt!



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